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QSL is a chaos musician in Portland, Oregon who hates writing media bios. QuickSilver Lining - Change is Good. Sometimes I play metal, sometimes electronica, sometimes folk, sometimes all at once. I’m currently working on a more rock-oriented EP that should be out soon, but until then I have some old DJ mixes and mixcasts linked on this site. I’m setting my intentions to update this site with new photos and put some more audio out in the meantime as well. My favorite snippet from a previous edition of this page is “QSL retains a DIY ethic and iconoclastic attitude, drawing from manifold influences and generally failing to stay within a genre for more than fifteen minutes while mixing. Music saved QSL's life and xe strives to share an experience that invites listeners into a space of connection and personal exploration.” And that’s true, but sometimes I also just want to mosh. Or get dirty - it’s all good

LoveAlwaysBeLoved <3 QSL